Book and Tapes:

Get the Edge: A 7-Day Program to Transform Your Emotions, Relationships, Health, Finances…and Your Life

What is the edge? It’s that powerful inner force that tells you to never give up, never look back and never settle for less than you know you deserve. Discover the unique edge that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd with Tony Robbins’ bestselling program for revolutionizing every aspect of your life—your health, your relationships, your career, your emotions and your finances!

In just seven days, Get the Edge will empower you with Tony Robbins’ most effective tools and strategies for developing strong, enduring relationships in both your personal life and your professional life. You’ll also learn how to permanently train your mind and body to use your most powerful emotions to your advantage. Explore limitless possibilities for your future, and discover a more meaningful, more fulfilling life purpose that will create total abundance in your life.

Learn how to:

Maximize your energy and restore your natural state of health and vitality.

Develop deep and lasting connections that create more fulfilling relationships.

Train your mind and body to utilize your most powerful emotions for your benefit.

Capitalize on new opportunities for achieving financial freedom.

Create a life purpose and find meaning in everything you do.

Get the Edge includes:

10 CDs or 9 audiotapes

A Get the Edge introduction video

A Personal Journal

An online Personal Profile (a $225 value!)

A $100 coupon good toward the purchase of any live, multi-day Anthony Robbins event or any ongoing Anthony Robbins Coaching program

BONUS: Personal Power Classic complete multimedia program containing 7 CDs or audiotapes


The Body You Deserve
The Body You Deserve: A Step-by-Step Program for Achieving Your Ideal Weight and Maintaining it for the Rest of Your

Imagine how much happier and more confident you’d be if you could train your body to function more efficiently and to look better in the process. With The Body You Deserve, you’ll get the expert guidance you need to take the struggle out of weight loss and finally create—and maintain—the lean, healthy physique you desire and deserve.

Anthony Robbins has spent the last three decades studying the principles of vibrant physical health and applying them to his own life with extraordinary results. In fact, at the start of his career Tony used the very same strategies you will find in Body You Deserve to lose 30 pounds and propel himself into a life of sustainable and vital health—and he has made it his life’s mission to help others do the same.

The Body You Deserve will guide you—step by step—through a conditioning process that will help you change your behaviors as you train your body to burn fat. With this 12-day program, Tony will show you how to apply his breakthrough Neuro-Associative Conditioning® technology for permanent and pleasurable weight management that works. See and feel immediate results in your physical and mental well-being as well as in your appearance!

Learn how to:

Train your body to burn fat without starving yourself.
Transform your mind and your emotions to support healthy weight loss.

Condition your body for long-term success.

Change the behaviors that have prevented you from achieving your health goals.

Create a proven plan for achieving lasting weight loss.

The Body You Deserve includes:

10 CDs

A video

A custom workbook

An activity package


Living Health
Living Health: 10 Steps to Creating the Health, Vitality and Energy You Deserve

Your physical health is the foundation for everything else in your life; without it, nothing else matters! Living Health will help you turn your health and fitness goals into reality by giving you the psychological and emotional edge you need to you restore your body to its natural state of optimum health and peak vitality.

In just 10 days, Tony will teach you the specific philosophy you must embrace to reduce your susceptibility to disease, create balance in your body, renew maximum levels of energy and achieve better physical fitness. Living Health will teach you to adopt a set of simple, enjoyable and powerful principles to create a physically vital life. Experience more passion, greater energy and improved longevity to live life the way you always dreamed you would!

Learn how to:

Renew your health, vitality and passion.

Shed excess weight quickly and enjoyably.

Bolster your immune system with good nutrition.

Reignite passion in your physical relationship.

Enjoy dramatically increased energy and stamina.

Living Health includes:

9 CDs or 8 audiotapes

A custom workbook

Summary cards


The Time Of Your Life
The Time of Your Life: More Time for What Really Matters to You

Ever wonder how you can be on-time for appointments, keep promises, check off everything on your to-do list and feel unfulfilled at the end of the day? Technology keeps the pace of today’s world fast. More demands are constantly made of you, leading to stress and overwhelm--even if you’ve done everything you were supposed to do. Tony Robbins created The Time of Your Life program to help people stop living their lives in reaction.

Happily arriving at fulfillment starts when you decide what you want to do—not what you have to do. To do this effectively, The Time of Your Life outlines a system that does more than have you write down your action items. A process is defined for you that will actually transform the way you think about and approach your life as a whole, simultaneously changing your emotions, behaviors, and ultimately the results you’ll produce.

Designed for use with Tony Robbins’ best selling RPM Planner Kit, the Time of Your Life multimedia program is a 10-day, step-by-step program detailing the Rapid Planning Method (RPM)—a system for achieving extraordinary results while converting stress and overwhelm into drive and fulfillment.

Learn how to:

Define a clear vision for your life and a compelling purpose that drives you towards it effortlessly.

Create more balance by examining all areas of your life - defining how you’d like each to be.

Implement the five master steps of planning to turn your dreams into reality.

Use a six-step decision making process which provides you with instant clarity and resolve.

The Time of Your Life includes:

16 CDs or 10 audiotapes

A custom workbook

Summary cards

Sample Rapid Planning Method forms

Time Plus (a 20-page, personalized online time assessment tool


Lessons In Mastery
Lessons in Mastery: How to Use Your Personal Power to Create an Extraordinary Life

Work with Tony Robbins one-on-one to condition your emotions and your mind for unstoppable success! Lessons in Mastery features the best tools and strategies from Tony’s PowerTalk! series, a rare collection of interviews with the world’s foremost experts in personal growth, influence and business. You’ll also discover Tony’s own philosophy for creating lasting change so you can take immediate action and begin creating momentum in all areas of your life.

This action-oriented audio program will also help you replace dormant resources with new assets that will empower you to make the right moves at the right time. With Lessons in Mastery, you’ll identify what may be holding you back from reaching your goals, learn techniques to break through your self-imposed limits, and achieve immediate success for a more fulfilled personal and professional life.

Learn how to:

Commit yourself to daily improvement.

Decode the language of emotion.

Use the power of visualization to transform your beliefs.

Turn negative thinking into positive action.

Harness your decision-making power for immediate results.


Personal Power II – 30th Anniversary Edition

Let the top-rated personal and professional development system of all time help you embrace your inner strength to free yourself from daily stresses and simplify your life in ways you never thought possible! Personal Power II will help you identify negative thought patterns impeding your personal and professional progress so you can break through your personal barriers to achievement.

Now, with this special commemorative 30th Anniversary Edition of Personal Power II, you can take advantage of the same strategies that have inspired millions to create lasting change—whether it’s achieving extraordinary business success, dramatically increasing your income, building or revitalizing magical relationships, or reaching and maintaining your ideal weight.

In just 30 days, Personal Power II will help you determine what you want in your life, give you some of the most powerful and proven tools to accomplish this, and provide you with some simple, systematic strategies to get greater results on a daily basis.

Learn how to:

Identify what is that you really want out of your life.

Use your greatest personal motivator to your advantage.

Condition yourself for consistent success.

Use quality questions to get what you really want.

In addition to all material from the original version of Personal Power II, this special 30th Anniversary Edition

includes the following bonus content:

Memorable Audio Outtakes from Tony

Tony’s original hand-written personal journal entries!

Stylized commemorative library case

Limited-edition autographed photo of Tony

Daily quick reference card

FREE full-length DVD from the Inner Strength Series

20 key strategy summary cards

FREE Coaching Strategy Session coupon

Personal Power II (30th Anniversary Edition) includes:

25 CDs or 24 audiotapes

A Life Management Systems video

A custom Success Journal

A $100 coupon good toward the purchase of any live, multi-day Anthony Robbins event


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